Countdown to Ecstasy

A Tribute to The Music of STEELY DAN

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For Countdown to Ecstasy it's all about respect. Respect for Steely Dan... Fagen, Becker and their world-class studio and touring musicians over the decades.  Their jazz-infused meticulously-crafted, studio-perfected and tour-tested hits and deep cut gems. And oh, respect for the mad mad lyrics. Everything you expect from rock 'n roll and a whole lot more. Sex, drugs and fine spirits, infused with edgy and brilliant musings on age, phonies, bad girls, revolution and addiction.  From Zen Buddhism to animal house. From cave drawings to  apocalyptic vision and futuristic optimism.

This group of talented and eclectic musicians came together to bring their respect for this music and their love of performing to the stage.  Spirit and musical integrity outweigh costumed replication for these folks, beyond the expectations for a typical cover/tribute band.  Named for Steely Dan's 1973 sophomore album, Countdown to Ecstasy has dedicated themselves to this music and to their audience of hipsters, old-heads and youthful seekers of truth.  

We bring you nostalgia, enlightenment, and an evening of pure joy.



Photograph: Bill DiCecca Photography - All rights reserved

Countdown to Ecstasy - Live at The Levoy

Location:  The Levoy Theater,  September 26, 2014